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Acceptance Policies Each application will be evaluated by Lee based on experience and geographic location. Dog Show Mentor reserves the right to deny any application for any reason whatsoever. Members with more than one breed are expected to contribute in the meetings and on the Secret FB page on one (declared) breed only. References to and photos of other breeds are removed or deleted.

Refunds is a monthly membership program which is most productive for members who choose to stay in the group on a month-to-month basis. You will learn more in the months with Lee than you would in years if you were to depend on chance encounters. However, any member may cancel their membership before 5 PM Pacific Time, 4 days before the day of their individual monthly renewal. All members are charged through Paypal recurring payment schedule on a rolling month. There are no refunds once the transaction has been completed or for pre-payments for 1:1 Secret Weapon Sessions. Apply Now!

Confidentiality & Group Dynamics All conversations, whether they be on a conference call or online are expected to remain confidential and between the members of this group. Building trust is essential to the ability to create and be part of individuals becoming leaders. As a winner, you set the stage for how to act and what your personal virtues bring to the Sport. Anyone who, in the opinion of the host, Lee Whittier, creates a combative or hostile group environment in any way may be immediately terminated from membership with no refund of payment. A winner is a leader!  

Materials & Downloads Members may download or print written materials for personal use. Videos and interviews are available on the website 24/7 for your listening pleasure for 60 days, the Real Questions. Real Answers. No Bull! sessions are available for 30 days. You have paid for the right to view the materials that you receive as a member. Please honor the ethics of the group by safekeeping these materials only to your personal use. One person or relationship per membership (marriage or union of two individuals). Why share this valuable information with someone who isn’t committed enough to pay for the privilege to participate? Anyone who shares any materials in any format whatsoever may be immediately terminated from membership with no refund of payment. Materials are copyrighted and duplication is strictly forbidden. See FAQ page for additional information on these topics.  

Please click on the AKC Policy tab for details on members showing dogs to Lee.