Member Success Stories

I am so thrilled with the results that members are getting, I just had to share with you! Confidentiality is an important part of the Dog Show Mentor program, so the names are withheld to protect the identity.

Member Success Story #1

Shared by a founding member (November 2016)

“It’s difficult to describe the Dog Show Mentor experience, but my recent show record speaks volumes for the success that I can attribute to this program! I’ve been winning from puppy and bred-by (points and the breed); I’ve been winning over dogs shown by handlers and winning over owner-handlers with more skill and experience than me. I’ve even had a judge thank me in the ring!

Lee’s coaching has led me to create a goal-oriented program for me and my dogs, complete with specific tasks and real, attainable goals. My mindset has changed because of the many judges’ interviews that Lee shared; I better understand the needs and priorities of judges in the ring, making me a better exhibitor.

“Through Q&A webinars, I’m able to ask the tough questions and get real answers that I can apply. Over the last 6 months, my handling skills have improved, my presentation skills have improved, my attitude and understanding about judges and handlers has changed, and my win record is a testimony to the value and success of the Dog Show Mentor program. Lee’s leadership has helped me broaden my understanding of the sport and grow in knowledge about my breed and many other breeds.”

Lee Whittier
AKC Judge & Dog Show Mentor