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Another Member Benefit – Spotlight On Member Presentations

Judges look to experienced exhibitors and parent club approved mentors to be educated in the new breeds they wish to judge. They attend Judges Education Seminars and Workshops in hopes of gaining the information they need to do a great job judging new breeds.

Some of the judges education mentors are well prepared and often are professional educators in their other lives. However, many are ill prepared and don’t understand what judges need and want to learn. They don’t understand how to talk about their breed without creating biases for or against their own breeding stock. 

The Dog Show Mentor program is expanding its program to include teaching owner-handlers to be better mentors. We all know that the better exhibitors carry the most knowledge of their breed standards and that the best way to learn about a topic is to teach it. Now Dog Show Mentor members are learning to teach their standards to judges and to other exhibitors which in turn improves their win rates.

How does this happen?

Simple. The better educated the judges are, the more they will be able to easily identify the best dogs in the ring and the more owner-handlers with good dogs will win! This happens when educators understand the details and essence of their breed intimately!

What words do you use? Are you using the right ones that will communicate effectively the essence of the breed? Do you know your breed’s hallmarks? Do those hallmarks agree with the ones that the ‘greats’ in your breed teach? Have you checked? How does your standard talk about prioritizing and how do the great breeder judges in your breed prioritize? What does a good power point presentation look like? How is it most effectively used?

These are just some of the questions that are essential to the mentoring process. Here is more information about the Dog Show Mentor program.

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