What are DSM members saying about the interviews?

“The Karen Fitzpatrick interview was filled with inspiration!?






About Pat Hastings, “Just finished listening to The Pat Hastings interview. How inspiring and chock full of such valuable information. Going to listen to it over and over until her new book comes out. The takeaways came at every other sentence, or so it seems. So much learned from evaluating a litter to show ring observations about dogs and creating the presentation . . . I could go on and on about so many things learned from this one interview.”


About Ed Thomason, “Just finished listening to the interview with Ed Thomason. What a wonderful man and so encouraging. Made me feel really hopeful . Someday I would just like to say hello to him and a thank [him] for being so honest and sharing.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed Lee’s interview with Ed Thomason! His love and dedication to the the sport came through in every word he said. Really Great!”

Ed Thomason








About Chris Levy, ” I loved this webinar. Very informative! I don’t have a Terrier background, but I loved the history of the Terriers and how it tied into the cultural history of the British Isles. I’m looking forward to Part Two.”


If I were studying Terrier group, the background and history included in this series would be paramount to understanding the individual breed standards. Wow.”

Terrier Form & Function with Chris Levy