The Dog Show Mentor Lee Whittier teams up with Teresa Bradley and Passion to show exhibitors how to show a full dentition/DQ breed. Copyright 2018 Lee Whittier. All Rights Reserved. Click here for video.

Lee Whittier, Teresa Bradley and Passion demonstrate how NOT to show full dentition. Copyright 2018 Lee Whittier. All Rights Reserved. Click here for video.



Judging The Rottweiler – Dentition

Dentition Chart Compliments of Pat Hastings Dogfolk Enterprises Inc.

I’m posting here as a breeder judge of Rottweilers. My intention is to help judges to judge this breed well and find the best dogs in the ring that conform to the standard.

It all starts with making sure, at the very least, that the dogs that you are judging have correct dentition as set forth the the AKC breed standard. If you don’t know what it says, you should read it. It’s available on the ARC and AKC websites.

This means that you should check every dog’s dentition before handing it a ribbon, and make sure you are able to see every tooth in every dog’s mouth. And please check the bites! If the dog is not well trained enough for you to see the teeth, please excuse the entry, and mark your book, “unable to determine if a DQ exists.”

It is sad but true that many judges just go through the motions of looking at the dentition. I fully understand how difficult it is sometimes to see the teeth because the dogs aren’t trained. I see it myself more often than I would like to admit. However, please respect the breed and the standard.

Please also respect the exhibitors who have gone to the trouble of training their dogs to show the dentition, to say nothing of breeding correct dentition.

Please do not award Rottweilers without complete and correctly placed dentition in any ring. There are many fine examples of the breed at this time. It’s much improved in the last few years, and I’m proud to be a breeder/judge. Please let me know if you have questions. I am approved by the American Rottweiler Club as a Breed Mentor & Presenter.

Banner photo compliments of Pat Hastings, Dogfolk Enterprises Inc.