August Member Appreciation

August is Member Appreciation Month at Dog Show Mentor!

What is a Secret Weapon Session?

It’s a 1:1 session with Lee where you can create your own personal, strategic approach to winning (more!) in the ring. Each person sets the goal for individual sessions. Most people set goals, or focus on specific shows, trouble shoot, and problem solve.  Lee works online in the Dog Show Mentor private web room, on the phone, or in person.

Secret Weapon Sessions 

Members Only Special $99 Secret Weapon Sessions! ($25 off the regular member price)

Apply Now! and stock up on this great tool to help you win (more!) in the ring.

What one member said about her recent session: “Floored! So many ah-ha moments! I feel like I’ve been given a key.”


Secret Weapon Sessions are also available to owner-handlers who are not enrolled in the program. For pricing, check out Secret Weapon Sessions

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